Accessible Services

Direct Billing Available!


Dr. Theo Ramsdale offers telehealth appointments so that you don’t have to leave your home to get the care you deserve.

Telehealth appointments offer the same thorough framework of performing a detailed history and as much physical exam as possible before discussing your diagnosis and plan of management moving forward.

A plan created through telehealth appointments focuses on: exercise, lifestyle modifications, and education on your condition – the same things we focus on inside the clinic!


Whitney Mabee offers dietetic telehealth appointments including a health history, goal setting and strategies moving forward. You can get the same great care from the comfort of your own home!

Mobile Chiropractic

Dr. Theo Ramsdale also offers mobile chiropractic appointments. These appointments feature the high standard of care that we offer in our clinic.

We offer these services to anyone who has limited mobility or just want a high level of care in the comfort of their own home.

To experience mobile chiropractic, give us a call at (506)450-7395. The costs associated for mobile care are $150 for your initial appointment and $80 for subsequent appointments.