Corporate Wellness

At Your Workplace

Have a topic you’d like to share with your company? Maybe you want to inform your workers about how to set up their work stations for proper ergonomics. Maybe you want to help your workers avoid injuries.

We can help!

We will come up with a custom presentation with solutions for your company on a variety of topics. Ask us about our corporate wellness presentations!

On Site Treatment

Want us to come to you? We can visit your location with all of the equipment we need to provide on-site treatments for special events.

If you want to provide your location with high quality healthcare, then this is a great, convenient option.

Whether you’re a gym hosting a competition or a business looking to provide a great service for your workers, we can visit you and provide the same quality healthcare you’ve come to expect from The Wellness Zone.

Virtual Seminar

Looking to provide your workplace with a quick seminar on a health or wellness related topic? We can provide you with a custom presentation to suit the questions you and your workers might have.

Maintaining a safe distance is more important than ever - but finding valuable solutions to your healthcare doesn’t have to be complicated.

Ask us about our virtual corporate wellness presentations!