When Should You See A Chiro?

When Should You See A Chiro?

We’ve had lots of people walk through our doors and for many different reasons. We’ve had people who hurt their back in the morning and gave us a call right away, and we’ve had people with pain that has been nagging them for years and they finally want to do something about it. A lot of people have seen chiropractors before and understand the benefit and know what they’re looking for. Other people have never seen a chiropractor and have no idea what we can offer. Heck, even both Whitney and Keely have asked us at some point “So, what exactly do you guys do as chiropractors?”

            When I hear this question, what I really hear is “When should someone choose to see a chiropractor?” I doubt the person asking the question is looking for an explanation of the mechanism of manual therapy or adjustments – they want to know what’s the point, and what we have to offer as a profession.

            My answer to this question can be boiled down to: You should come see us when you’re looking for support. Specifically, support for pain, sports performance, or overall wellness. Our goal with every person that comes through our door is to ultimately make them feel comfortable in managing whatever they’re coming in for. As chiropractors, we’ve both been trained extensively in anatomy of the entire body, especially the spine. We’ve had education on the muscles, joints, and surrounding tissues of every area of the body, how they can be injured, and what to do when those injuries occur. We’ve had education on a wide variety of topics surrounding health and wellness of the human body. Ultimately, we’re experts of the system of the body that includes nerves, muscles, bones, and joints.

            We understand the body well – the biomechanics, the factors that influence injury and recovery, and we have tricks up our sleeves to help with a lot of different things. So, whether you’re looking for help with reducing pain, performing your favourite sport better, or many other health and wellness situations, we’ll be here to offer you support and guide you through your journey to wellness!


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Theo Ramsdale

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